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Welcome to Twórcze Łapki!

International Nursery School with Art and Languages profile

We are an international, cosy nursery and kindergarten, with an artistic and linguistic profile. We have experience in the care of children from different countries and cultures who come to Poland for a moment, or are here for longer

We speak:

English, French, Russian, Any other language after short training! We happen to already speak Iraqi!

Among our pupils there are children from:

Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Angola, Iraq, Belarus...

Why to choose Twórcze Łapki?

International atmosphere

We have kids from all over the world: Japan, Iraq, Korea, France, Germany, Italy, Belarus


Our staff consists of certified teachers who speak with parents in foreign languages: English, French or Russian. They have a lot of heart and energy. They create an atmosphere of kindergarten.

Cultural openness

We are open to different customs, different cultures and we respect other religions. We will adjust the childs diet, if religion, or medical reasons require it.

Intimate conditions

Small groups enable individual attention. The nursery school is cosy. It allows an individual approach for each child.

Various activities

We offer a variety of classes to stimulate the comprehensive development. We especially focus on language-arts classes such as art, music, theatre.

…… Put simply, it’s a nursery with soul.

Here are a few of our stories

Masaki – He came to us from Japan. As he began to visit us he did not speak a word of Polish. He was a little closed and intimidated. Very unfamiliar with Polish tastes, he just ate his bagel. Soon the smell of Polish sausages encouraged him to try. He liked to eat soup and Polish dishes. After a year in Twórcze Łapki he spoke fluent Polish and is now doing well in Polish school.

Arez - a boy from Iraq with beautiful black eyes and very long eyelashes. Aunt Monika - our polyglot - learned for him even basic words in Arabic (eat, drink, pee, sit down ..) !. Soon, however, it was not necessary, because Arez in a moment knew Polish equivalents. After almost a year Arez returned to Iraq, but his mother still follows us on Face Book and likes.

Geon and her sister Kim. They come from Korea. Their dad and mum are also Koreans who really love Poland. They are people who are open and cheerful. Mama Korean Mum and Mum of Masaki from Japan became friends - Who would have guessed that both communicate with each other in Chinese?

Oskarek – a little European. German dad and French mum with her family in Poland, now living in Switzerland. . At the same time our toddler learned Polish, French, German and English. His older brother at the age of five was fluent in 4 languages. Children of Europe, which improved Polish at Twórcze Łapki.

Irina and Eliza - sisters from France. The greatest friend of Irina was Geon from Korea. The girls did not speak a word in Polish, only in their native language. It turns out that at this age to play children don’t need words. After a year in Tworcze Łapki , now 2.5 years old Eliza greets us with Polish “cześć”, protests, when Mum wants to help her by saying "ja sama". Irina speaks so nicely and without any accent, so it's hard to notice that she is a foreigner. Jealousy overwhelms us adults looking at the ease with which children learn foreign languages.

Julian and his sister Sophia. Children from Germany, speak Bulgarian, because their grandmother lives there. With Grandma we communicate in Russian, with Julian in Polish with Sophia and her parents in English. Small language cacophony.

Luis has an interesting history too: His dad is from France, Mum comes from Africa. It was in Poland where a little sister Lea was born. Luis came to us by recommendations of Irina and Eliza parents. Irina and Eliza came on the recommendation of Oskar Mum. Oskar Mum who was informed about Tworcze Łapki by the Mum of Martusia.

How to join us?

Feel free to get to know our offer; one can enroll children all year round!

Come and feel the atmosphere at Twórcze Łapki:

22, Podchorążych street, Poznań, Poland

mob: +48 501 960 320

Visit us - try it and see for yourself.

We hope that the website and Facebook answers all the questions or queries you may have.

We offer a great number of creative nursery activities and additional morning and afternoon activities for toddlers as well as for their parents and elder siblings. School children can also take part in evening artistic workshops specially organised to develop their interests and discover new talents. There is always something interesting happening at Twórcze Łapki!

The beginning of May 2015 have seen some changes in the plan of preschoolers. We have new classes and activities. Please download the files. We hope that the new classes and activities will appeal to children and you :-)

Activities at „Twórcze Łapki”

Please feel free to look through our photo gallery, Facebook and keep up-to-date by reading our announcements, where we inform everyone about upcoming events and workshops.


tel: +48 501 960 320 - Poland, Poznań, ul. Podchorążych 22